bikini waxing

Bikini Waxing, you can do it yourself and save a pile of dosh.

Waxing salons will do it for you, but for a hefty price, and we don’t all have £30 plus to spend on a well kept bikini line.
COSTING: 30 x 17 (that’s if you get a wax about every three weeks) = £510 a year, which is a huge amount to spend on an area that rarely, sees the light of day.
So, your other option? DIY.

1) Grow your hair to at least 1/8 of an inch long before waxing. If you shave regularly and are a first time waxer, grow your hair out for 2 weeks as it will be stronger and deeply rooted.

2) Choose the right product. There’s a big range of wax kits, from hot wax pots to strips, suited to different waxing areas. If you’re a novice, start with waxing strips which are pre-waxed and ready to use. Just press on and zip off.

3) Apply wax in the direction of hair growth and remove opposite. However much you’re dreading it, remove it in a quick, motion parallel to your skin.

4) Keep skin tight when you pull so to minimise waxing pain.

5) Take an ibuprofen half an hour before you start waxing so pain relief has effect by the time you start.

6) Apply talcum powder to the area before waxing. It acts as a buffer between the wax and your skin which will reduce the discomfort.

7) After bikini waxing, exfoliate and moisturise regularly to remove dead skin cells and keep skin soft. It will help avoid ingrown hairs.

8) Apply Azuline Oil to avoid ingrown hairs. The formula includes chamomile for moisturising and healing the skin post-waxing, vitamin E and menthol that help soothe and cool, and azulene which promotes new skin cells.

Laser is expensive, razors can nick, cut; chemical depilatories can cause chemical burns and in both cases you’re often faced with rough stubble within a day or two. Waxing lifts hair out from the root, so your skin stays smooth for weeks at a time. Not only are the results long term but your hair grows back softer and finer with repeated treatments.

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