Beauty Tips

15Oct 2018
eye flicks

Autumn Beauty Trends for Women 2018, keep up to date EYES Normally, pink has been a bit of dodgy colour to get right in eye shadow form. As thinner skin around the eyes is more prone to redness, we have shied away from shades of fuchsia for fear they would make us look like we’ve […]

15May 2018

Bikini Body for the Summer. Bikini body, does cellulite or stretch marks let you down. Camouflage Them. Firstly, exfoliate to get ready for treatments and eliminate skin dulling dead cells. End your shower with cold water to tone and energize skin. Apply a cellulite cream like for a firming boost. End with a moisturizer to […]

01Mar 2018
bikini waxing

Bikini Waxing, you can do it yourself and save a pile of dosh. Waxing salons will do it for you, but for a hefty price, and we don’t all have £30 plus to spend on a well kept bikini line. COSTING: 30 x 17 (that’s if you get a wax about every three weeks) = £510 […]

12Feb 2018

Valentines Day Makeup The tips below are completely independant of the video. The Sweet and Flirty Look Step 1: Apply a bronze cream eyeshadow to the lid and blend into the crease with a fluff brush. A powder eyeshadow will work, but the cream gives the rest of your eyeshadow something to “stick” to. Step […]