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Precision applicators and vibrant hues have completely switched up the in home hair dyeing game away from its reputation for delivering bold blondes and dull brunette hues. What you need is a bright light and a handful of butterfly clips to ensure thorough application, plus the stop watch on your phone because every minute is crucial with hair dye. Divide and pin each section to cover the hair completely from roots to tips and then massage the formula into the hair for five minutes. As for the formula itself, the high street has something to suit everyone – from aimed root treatments to subtle glosses and bleached pastels. Here’s an insider tip – use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream along the hairline as a barrier, says the Vogue fashion news editor. “It protects my skin from the dye, meaning a no-mess finish.”

Have a good hair dyeing day!

Product Description
Eight hour cream was created more than seventy years ago, in 1930, by miss Arden herself and was the first ever cosmetic product to bear the Elizabeth Arden name. Since its debut, eight hour has escalated to near cult status. This all-in-one beauty secret calms, protects and hydrates skin for up to eight hours. Apply liberally as often as necessary, anytime anywhere you need.

Box Contains
1 x Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Fragrance free 5g

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