Oral B 1-2-3 toothpaste works in three ways to clean your teeth and leave them feeling and looking fantastic. Firstly, it fights bacteria and tops up essential minerals, which helps to prevent cavities. Secondly, it leaves teeth looking whiter and, with regular brushing, keeps them whiter. Thirdly, it leaves your breath smelling minty fresh. A three-in-one tooth care solution that really works. Oral-B makes products that make your mouth feel great. For dental and oral hygiene,this brand is tops – having been founded by a dentist in 1950. The expert approach is still key to the company’s dental health products, all of which are professionally crafted to offer the best possible mouth cleansing. Nothing beats regular check-ups by your dentist, but in between visits, Oral B is a trustworthy ¬†companion.

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