L’oreal Open Eyes Pro Palette

The new creamy formula from L’oreal is an extra smooth and holding texture, with an expert selection of harmonious colors: your eyes are sculpted and instantly wide open!

L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro Quad Eyeshadow will help you achieve amazing eyeshadow colour with its alphabetical diagram for an easy easy application. This palette is a must have!

This Palette from L’oreal of 4 eyeshadows is a complete set to give you dramatic colour and depth. The set has three gradient colours and one highlighter shade. Loreal uses wet-process technology to compress the colour pigments which gives high colour pay-off on your eyelids. The palette is designed in the shape of an eyelid, to make the eyeshadow application really simple to apply.

How it works

L’oreals innovative formula delivers bold, dramatic color to your eyes. Loreal uses wet-process technology to compress the color pigments which gives high color pay-off on your eyelids.


Use a eye primer before applying the eyeshadow as it makes the shadow lasts longer
How to use

Step 1: Apply the lightest shade as a base on the entire eyelid including the brow bone but avoid going all the way to the eyebrow for a more sophisticated look.
Step 2: Sweep the medium shade over the middle of the eyelid.

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